The privately owned enterprise accommodates services connected with projection and building of elite housing habitations on the floating basis and also of any self-floating structure which you are interested in.
Our experienced architects, engineers and shipbuilders taking into account your most refined precatory words will design, produce and install floating concrete platforms, platforms for summer floating cafes and restaurants, floating hotel - botel complexes and office buildings, ship elevators.

The Most advanced technologies which we use in building let us guarantee a qualitative execution of your order. Without breaking architectural ensemble of a coastline we’ll create a place for birth for your floating means. And if you are fond of fishing and are dreaming about opening of your own “fishing business”, you’ll be certainly interested in lines for fish rising outworked by us.

Also our potential includes reequipment and modernization of motor yachts, passenger ships.



«Office on the water" - is a modern and comfortable floating structure, one of the main advantages of which is a mobility and autonomy-to location in the most convenient for the customer's location.

Houseboat Project N-1204. First of all – there are a lot of space for having a good rest. Home comfort and small draft craft is an advantage to get to the beach. You can settle down in a picturesque water place and to be alone with nature, fishing and roast shashlik on the boat.

You will find a beautiful combination of a romantic rest and comfort of the European class in the hotel on the water. Here you can enjoy fresh river air, admire the view of the Dniper-river, combine romanticism of adventures in exclusive and comfortable atmosphere.

The motor ship is a reconstructed and restored by our company ship which is shining brightly with freshness and novelty.



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